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Etymology enriched, phonics based spelling

Cracking the code is the key to spelling success.

Scode, Sounds and their Codes

Scode, Sounds and their Codes, is a systematic, phonics based spelling scheme for years 2-6.

Detailed Planning

We cover all aspects of the National Curriculum, through a highly structured scheme, planned and resourced by teachers for teachers.

Scode codebreaker

Focus on Etymology

Our focus on etymology engages children in the origins of language. Children will be immersed in the history of words and why words are spelt the way they are, providing them with the knowledge on which to build their spelling skill.  The fascinating, the gross, and hilarious combine to introduce children to challenging and varied vocabulary.

Carefully Planned Additional Resources

As teachers who are still at the coal-face we know the importance of careful planning that is highly structured and allows for continuous spelling practice to make spelling stick. We also know the realities of teaching life! Scode is a fully-resourced scheme that has been years in the making. It includes lesson plans teaching presentations, daily recaps, a range of assessments, homework/intervention packs and a laugh! This scheme is evidence-based so ensures that we are at the cutting edge of an ever evolving sector.

We haven’t slept in quite some time and our children don’t know what a vegetable is but we hope to have produced a resource that is of genuine benefit to children and our teaching colleagues.

Emma and Jill x

What People Say

"Children are using the ‘Smash it out’ in other lessons. They are applying their spelling codes learnt and recognising them in their work creating a ‘buzz’ about spelling in English. "

E. Collins– Assistant Principal, Discovery Academy

"It enhances the engagement of pupils in word and language curiosity. It makes links to other curriculum areas like History and Geography which often lead to interesting discussions and areas of interest to the children which are perhaps not covered by our curriculum. I remember in one of our first Scode lessons where we looked at the varied origins of the English language. The children were very eager to talk about their own backgrounds and their parents/grandparents origins and first languages. I don’t remember a class being so excited to talk and hear about foreign languages before."

H. Bilic – English Lead, St. Stephen’s RC Primary School

"(SCODE)...includes vocabulary that enhances children’s oracy, ability to comprehend more complex texts and include in their writing. It feels more than ‘just’ a spelling package."

K. Thornburn – Principal, Dowson Primary Academy

"SCODE has also supported us with our huge push on vocabulary and the etymology behind the words they are learning about; they understand the history and therefore can make links with their reading, spelling and writing across the whole curriculum."

J. Booth-Anderson– Y6 Teacher & English Lead, Bradley Green Primary School

"Our spelling results are the best they have been and the children are transferring their learning of spellings to their writing."

S. Townes – Deputy Head & English Lead, Prestbury C of E Primary School

"Scode really is the Horrible Histories of Spelling! I've never seen children so engaged with spellings!"
A. McDonald – Private Tutor

SCODE is a fantastic resource which incorporates all the elements of successful and engaging learning. It can very easily be used for pupils with Spld (dyslexia) and works brilliantly with multisensory resources to differentiate the sounds and their codes.

A. Worrall, Spld (Dyslexia) Specialist teacher

"SCODE is carefully planned so that it links to the curriculum to ensure spellings are repeatedly revisited ... The pupils and the teachers are excited by spelling lessons!"
L. Ashton – Deputy Head Teacher, Millbrook Primary School

“Scode has a clear pre and post assessment and the children have loved the presentation of the lessons due to the gruesome nature and interesting etymology facts.”