How it works

Cracking the code is the key to spelling success.

Scode, Sounds and their Codes

Scode, Sounds and their Codes, is a systematic, phonics based spelling scheme for years 2-6.

Systematic and logical system

Scode is a systematic and logical system that focuses on children developing a comprehensive understanding of the entire English spelling code.

Focus on etymology

Focussing on etymology engages children in the origins of language. Children will be immersed in the history of words and why words are spelt the way they are. Providing them with the knowledge on which to build their spelling skill. The fascinating, the gross, and hilarious combine to introduce children to challenging and varied vocabulary.

Daily Support

As teachers we know the pressures! There are no ineffective or time-wasting practices and procedures. This scheme is ready to go! Planning, assessment, homework, PowerPoints & resources, it has all been done. You can thank us later!

Easy to teach, brain-friendly, 20 minute sessions

Organised into easy to teach, brain-friendly, 20 minute sessions, that incorporate varied and original tasks and consistent recaps to make spelling stick.

Carefully planned additional resources

Carefully planned additional resources make ideal homework or intervention. All designed to compliment classroom learning.